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Dell Inspiron 17 3737: install Bluetooth device on Windows 7 (64-bit)

I have to admin that I have not tested the Bluetooth device with my former Windows 7 installations on the Inspirons 17 3737, so I thought that the WLAN problem was the only one – that was false conclusion. The problem with the Bluetooth device was, that smartphones or other notebooks could perhaps find the Dell Inspiron 17 3737 (or even could not find it!), but paring was impossible!

Delphi Programming

Toolbar2000 and SpTBX for Delphi XE2

Because I’m an user of the Toolbar2000 and the SpTBX components for Delphi I had to update them in order to upgrade my projects to Delphi XE2. Without the changes I made it wasn’t possible to use and compile my projects. So I had to sit down a lil’ bit of time and here it is.