Demo: Gif Animation (Delphi 2007 and later)

Sometimes I want to use a throbber
in my windows application so I decided to use a GIF image which supports
animations – so I do not have to implement this animation on my own ;)
Since Delphi 2007 TGIFImage
component of Anders Melander
is a part of the Delphi VCL framework, so there is no need for a third party component. You only
have to inlucde GIFImg in the uses part.

Last night I have written a demo for the simple usage of TGIFImage
which I want to share so everybody can have a look at it’s code. You can see how
to load a GIF image from the filesystem and show it to the user. It addition I show
how to suspend and resume the animation.

I have never had the need to create my own GIF image with this great and simple
component so I do not handle this in the demo. For this problem
there is a demo
written by Anders Melander.

GIF Animation Demo (14.2 KiB, 312 hits)

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