Azure C# Programming

Local authorization for dotnet/NuGet.exe (in CLI) on Azure artifacts

Private NuGet packages can help to modularize and reuse already written code over several applications. Therefore Azure Artifact repository can be a very powerful and easy possibility. But in order to integrate it into local development an authorization process must be completed, not only for the IDE, but also for dotnet/NuGet.exe on CLI.

Windows Without Category

Setting up oh-my-posh v3 for Windows Terminal

After a fresh installation of the new OS Windows 11 I had to re-setup oh-my-posh for Windows terminal. There are already a lot of descriptions out there ‒ one of the best from Scott Hanselman ‒ so this should only be a little reminder for me and not an extensive description.

Please note: this description of for version 3 of o-my-posh!

Programming VBA

Remove VBA Password from Excel 2007/2010 file

Some days ago I had to improve a VBA macro but password was lost, so there was no direct way to enter code in VBE. There are a lot of tricks I found in the WWW, some of them even provide a tool. But do you trust such tools?

Beside that I found a such an easy to use instruction, »hidden« in a blog comment, I must share with you.

Usability/Interface Windows

Windows 10: Remove OneDrive item from Explorer

Some days ago I installed Windows 10 which wants you to use Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud solution. Like the Windows versions before the Explorer integrates some items in the navigation area that you might not need, like the OneDive link. The Explorer itself does not provide any option to hide this item, but you can do that via registry:

JavaScript Programming Web

JavaScript: transform slug to camel case

I refactor my atom packages at the moment and one thing I changed was loading classes from other files. Before, everything was hard-coded and it should be more generic, especially facing future changes. Because I used kind of slug strings internally, I created a function which converts slugs into camel case. Perhaps you need such code?

Without Category

2 Packages for Atom editor: sass-autocompile & atom-minify

Since some time I switched from Sublime Text, which is an awesome editor, to Atom. The reason for this is that Atom is Open Source and I do not have to pay money for it ;) After I combed through the packages I found less-autocompile which leads me to have a closer look at LESS, and at least at SASS too.

This was the start for me to develop Atom packages, I want to introduce here! For more information about the particular package, have a look at the corresponding readme and try it out :)

Design General

Cat wallpaper

Some days ago I found a real nice tattoo image on Facebook. So I decided to create a wallpaper of this motif and here it is :)

Cat (light) Cat (dark)

Programming Web

jQuery: missing method toggleAttr for toggling attributes

Today I needed some JS-Code for toggling an DOM elements attribute. Because there is no such feature in the jQuery core, I implemented it. Perhaps it’s useful for you, so here it is :)

Programming Windows

Atlassian Bitbucket Server/Stash: What to do after Java update?

Update, 20.10.2016I updated this article because Atlassian has updated Stash and renamed it to Bitbucket Server. The first part is the old article about Atlassion Stash and the second part includes the latest Bitbucket Server including ElasticSearch.

Atlassian Stash

Today, another Java Update has been released, so I installed the new version und removed the old one. The “problem” was, as with the last updates, that I had to tell my Stash installation where to find the new Java version. I opened the Windows registry and updated the following three registry keys:

Linux Technics Windows

Clone/migrate Microsoft Windows from HDD to SSD – with Knoppix and dd command

Some days ago I received a 256GB SSD for my Server in which I used a normal 500GB HDD for Windows installation – booting process needed about 5 minutes so it was time for this step ;) Because many services, like Active Directory, Oracle Database or Atlassian Stash, running on this machine I did not want to reinstall and reconfigure everything from scratch, so I looked for tools and easy possibilities to clone/migrate my server installation. And here is my solution which worked really well and is totally free!