Delphi Programming

Toolbar2000 and SpTBX for Delphi XE2

Because I’m an user of the Toolbar2000 and the SpTBX components for Delphi I had to update them in order to upgrade my projects to Delphi XE2. Without the changes I made it wasn’t possible to use and compile my projects. So I had to sit down a lil’ bit of time and here it is.

Delphi Programming

Enumerations as class type in a generic class/record

Last night I had a really strange compiler error when I tried to translate my new array record. You have to know that I have rewritten the complete record and added generic support to it. Here is a lil’ bit of the code which you need to unterstand why I got this error.

Delphi Usability/Interface

Update: Editor Theme for Delphi IDE (Version 7-XE2)

Because I do not work with Delphi since some time, I had not the time to provide an updated version of the Delphi IDE theme, so it works with XE3-XE5. But there is a guy from DelphiPRAXiS who updated the theme, so now it’s available for alle IDEs since Delphi 7. Thank You, Rolf Warnecke, for your help und support!

Click here to open the download page on which provides the theme for Delphi 7 to XE5.


Some days ago Embarcadero published the new version of the Delphi IDE, called XE2. Rolf Warnecke has already ported the theme to this version and here it is :)

Today I recieved the new version of the my favorite IDE called Delphi XE. Some time ago I created a kind of theme for the its editor so it looks a lil’ bit nicer (for me ;) ). Now I updated the theme so it supports the new version too. You can find my old (german) post below.

Download: Delphi Editor Theme (112.8 KiB, 1,839 hits)