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Toolbar2000 and SpTBX for Delphi XE2

Because I’m an user of the Toolbar2000 and the SpTBX components for Delphi I had to update them in order to upgrade my projects to Delphi XE2. Without the changes I made it wasn’t possible to use and compile my projects. So I had to sit down a lil’ bit of time and here it is.

Have a look at the end of this post for the download…

But be aware of that I haven’t tested both libraries under 64bit! I tried my projects and the SpTBX overview demo and all worked. So when you find a bug or a problem that is a result of my changes then let me know — else when you find a bug of the components itself then don’t let me know ;)

Update — 14.11.2011

Today I updated both component packages so that there are packages for Delphi 7 (D7)  to Delphi XE2 (D16). Now you can use the correct package for you Delphi version.

Update — 08.04.2012

Because of more and more interest on this components I packed the source I’m using to compile 32- and 64-bit application.s Until now I did not run into any bugs so I hope that all is okay with this version. I also had no problems installing the packges. Here you can download it:

TB2000 & SpTBX for Delphi XE2 (519.1 KiB, 588 hits)

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I have tested my uploaded files and yes, there were some problems with XE2, but now that problem is fixed and a new version is online. I tried the new version with XE and XE2 :) Thanks for posting that!

Unfortunately, some little problems still arise when opening *d16 package projects. I tap “Ignore All” then all compilings are Ok.

Sorry, it was my fault. Now all is Ok, the last version works perfect.
Thank you Armin!

Thanks for your hint! I will update the package asap — I think tomorrow I will have time for it :)

Sorry, that this answer is too late — I have and will have to do learn and work a lot, so I had no time to have a look at this problem. I suggest that you try the version PyScripter suggested. I don’t know when I will have time for this, so don’t wait for my version, not this year :-/

I am really in hopes of using your changes. I have numerous apps that use toolbar2000 and I want to convert them to XE2 but cannot afford to spend the time to re-design the toolbars. I downloaded your changes but I am unable to get the project to build in XE2 32 bit. I hope I am doing something wrong. I am opening tb2kdsgn_d16.dpk and trying to build it but I can the following errors. Any suggestions would be great.

tb2kdsgn_d16.never-build package must be recompiled.
E2202 Required package tb2kdsgn_d16 not found.

My great thanks to you! You saved me from searching for new component and my old projects from the long and boring rework!

Thank you for this post!! I tried out a whole day to dig into this 2 components until I realise that there must be some compability issues,here you solved my problem,Thanks a millon.

I have tested this middleware on my computer,and I found a pretty interesting thing that is need to be taken into consideration: the modified version works pressty fine on my windows 7 x86(whatever the version), but for windows 7 X64, only those computers with SP1 installed can be uses, otherwise “could not Locate *.dll)” error will occur. I hope that this reply might help some who uses this middleware.

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