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Atlassian Bitbucket Server/Stash: What to do after Java update?

Update, 20.10.2016I updated this article because Atlassian has updated Stash and renamed it to Bitbucket Server. The first part is the old article about Atlassion Stash and the second part includes the latest Bitbucket Server including ElasticSearch.

Atlassian Stash

Today, another Java Update has been released, so I installed the new version und removed the old one. The “problem” was, as with the last updates, that I had to tell my Stash installation where to find the new Java version. I opened the Windows registry and updated the following three registry keys:

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Delphi › Projects › Win7LogonScreenDpi

Today I added a new Delphi project for a small issue I had yesterday: I reinstalled Windows 7 on my notebook Lenovo Thinkpad W500 (display resolution: 1920×1200) and Windows set the DPI of logon screen to 120dpi – I think that’s because of the high display resolution. But that is not the DPI I wanna see! So I wanted to change this, but there is no dialog where you can do that. But MSDN helped me: there is only one Registry value that is responsible for settings the logon screens DPI.