2 Packages for Atom editor: sass-autocompile & atom-minify

Since some time I switched from Sublime Text, which is an awesome editor,
to Atom. The reason for this is that Atom is Open Source and I do not have to pay
money for it ;) After I combed through the packages I found less-autocompile
which leads me to have a closer look at LESS, and at least at SASS

This was the start for me to develop Atom packages, I want to introduce here! For more information about the
particular package, have a look at the corresponding readme and try it out :)


Because there was no SASS-pendant to less-autocompile, sass-autocompile
(go to Github repository) was my first Atom package.
It is based on the idea of less-autocompile, using a first line comment for compilation and
its parameters, but I extended it more and more. Now there are many options developers can configure in order to
compile their SASS files, beside automatic compilation on save. Have a look at the README
where everything is described in detail.

sass-autocompile on
| github.com


My second package is atom-minify, I developed because the
popular minifier is not maintained any more and which used an
outdated and buggy CSS minifier cssmin.js. Furthermore I wanted
to combine the first line comment idea to the minifier, so written CSS and JavaScript is minified
after saving it. Of course there are shortcuts for minifying opened CSS or JS files!

At the moment you can choose between four CSS compressors (YUI, clean-css, CSSO or Sqwish) and
three JavaScript compressors (YUI, Google Closure Compiler, UglifyJS2) – thanks to Rodolphe
Stoclin for his node packages node-minify, on which
atom-minify is based. Further options and feature coming soon! Have a look at the roadmap

atom-minify on
| github.com

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