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Today I added a new Delphi project for a small issue I had yesterday: I reinstalled Windows 7 on my notebook Lenovo Thinkpad W500 (display resolution: 1920×1200) and Windows set the DPI of logon screen to 120dpi – I think that’s because of the high display resolution. But that is not the DPI I wanna see! So I wanted to change this, but there is no dialog where you can do that. But MSDN helped me: there is only one Registry value that is responsible for settings the logon screens DPI.

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Writing a Windows Batch file…

Today I wanted to write a simple Windows Batch file which should create some symbolic links (command: mklink). I thought that something like this is an easy job because I know the basics about batch programming – but that was obviously a mistake… Perhaps this post can help somebody else :)

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Preinstalled software on new notebooks

I don’t know what other people think about that problem but I’m getting really angry right now, so I decided to write this post… Today I received a new notebook which I’m setting up at the moment. It’s from a popular producer with two letters in its name – but this problem is widely spread and applies to many producers. The notebook itself looks quite good and robust, it’s fast and the display is bright, the OS is Windows 7 64-bit. Well I should be totally happy because it’s a good machine, but