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DELL Inspiron 17 3737: open BIOS, disable Secure Boot and install Windows 7

Today I received another DELL Inspiron 17 3737, so I can now test the Bluetooth problem mentioned here. But first, I had to install Windows 7 again… So, the first thing was to disable Secure Boot in BIOS, because Windows 7 does not install correctly with enabled Secure Boot option.

Therefore I had to press the F2 key to enter BIOS. In the BOOT tab I set the following options:

    Secure Boot:                <Disabled>
    Load Legacy Option Rom:     <Enabled>
    Boot List Option:           <Legacy>

After saving and exiting BIOS I pressed F12 to enter Boot options menu, where I selected my USB stick to boot from (USB Storage Device). Now, I could install Windows 7 without any problems…

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