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Preinstalled software on new notebooks

I don’t know what other people think about that problem but I’m getting really angry right now, so I decided to write this post… Today I received a new notebook which I’m setting up at the moment. It’s from a popular producer with two letters in its name – but this problem is widely spread and applies to many producers. The notebook itself looks quite good and robust, it’s fast and the display is bright, the OS is Windows 7 64-bit. Well I should be totally happy because it’s a good machine, but

… there is a thing – I would say that this is a problem! – that shows a trend which is really annoying, not only for experienced users: half an hour ago I started the notebook, entered some data because of the first start of Windows 7 and then I saw the catastrophe… Software, software, software, software… There would be no problem when this pre-installed software would be useful for most users. But why do I need a pre-installed browser toolbar? Or a link to eBay? Or a link to World of Warcraft? Or some kind of app store for games? Or…? Or…?

Because this list was really long – I uninstalled most things ;) – I’m not very glad about the situation that users are not able to decide which software should be installed on the computer and which not. I think that there is absolutely no problem to create an installer which asks you directly after the first start which software you want to have and which you don’t need. Then the systems won’t be so slow from the beginning and most users will save time because the time the mentioned installer needs to install the selected software will be probably less than the time you have to uninstall pre-installed software – and this @$#*% would not be so annoying any more ;)

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That’s typical, preinstalled systems loose their advantage with it. The first thing I do with a new laptop is usually reinstalling it from scratch.

For a pleasant surprise, Alienware does not do this to such an extent, I had Roxio and Alienrespawn preinstalled which I think is ok.

Hm, sounds better than the systems I usually have to install. But mostly Alienware is to expensive for my friends so I will have to do the same thing every time ;) Sometimes it would be really better when I would install the system from scratch, that’s true. But sometimes the OEM dvd installs the same pieces of software which were already preinstalled. So I had the same problem and lost a lot of time.

Yeah, AW is pricey…
Luckily I haven’t met any OEM system installation DVDs so far with included preinstalled crap on them :)

I think there’s Software for such “Included-Crap” on Windows-DVD’s.
You just have to Import the Image of the DVD and then use your beloved mouse-pointer to remove the crosses at those annoying crap ;)

You create this DVD just one time.
Never again such problems.

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